About Me

Zachary Sang

Welcome! My name is Zachary Sang and I am a learner, a tinkerer, and a developer. My interests include listening to music, reading webcomics, building things, and learning about how things are built! This site is something I've put up to display things I've made and to share some of the experiences I've gained along the way. I hope you enjoy your visit! :)

My Career


Over this summer, I interned at Amazon in Pittsburgh. I worked with a team who owned services that helped other parts of Amazon create and manage promotions and discounts. My project was to revamp a web-application used by our team to modify promotions on behalf of other groups in Amazon. This was an exciting experience for me as I learned more about working within legacy projects, and also about planning new development efforts. I was able to complete a refactor of the application's Spring-based backend, and also build a new React app that would replace a major screen for viewing and editing promotions.

Summer 2018
Software Development Engineering Intern

US Bank

In the spring and fall semesters of 2017, I worked for US Bank for a total of eight months. During this time I worked on a team that employed the agile methodology to help improve and maintain US Bank's business-banking web application, Singlepoint. This involved working with HTML and CSS on the frontend, and a J2EE based backend that interfaced with a DB2 (SQL) database. This experience was incredibly valuable for me not only in furthering my technical experience, but mainly for me to learn about best professional practices when working on a large scale project alongside dozens of other developers.

Spring and Fall 2017
Java Developer Intern


While working with Bridgeable, a small startup based in Cincinnati, my duty was to be a flexible and versatile front-end developer who would implement the website's mockups and designs, while also giving critical feedback and advice about what would be most valuable from a technical standpoint. My role as an intern was to begin development on the Bridgeable website (bridgeable.org) and to introduce GScript as a tool to more efficiently manage portions of Bridgeable's data.

Summer 2017
Web Developer Intern

Siemens PLM Software

My first work experiences under the co-op program here at the University of Cincinnati were as a Java Developer at Siemens PLM Software. As a part of this experience, I worked on a testing harness to be used by testers on the QA team to write automated tests. This project involved studying existing test cases and then using Cucumber to provide testers with a near-english language for writing tests. We then worked to allow these tests to be executed in a browser without user intervention using Selenium.

Fall 2015 and Summer 2016
Java Developer Intern

Trust Lab Research Team

After following up on a professor's class announcement asking for help with a research project, a peer and I were given the task of building a utility in Python that would allow my professor to easily pull and study Github repositories. By iteratively learning about his use cases and implementing functionality, over the semester we were able to produce a program that would output a summary of the data corresponding to a specified set of commits. Additionally, this utility could optionallyy make a copy of the repo's filesystem at each commit in a specified directory.

Spring 2016
Team Member

My Skills

- Java
- ReactJS
- NodeJS
- Python
- Front-end
- Docker
- Git

My Projects


A repo that I hope to fill with my tinkerings in prolog. I became very interested in this language and its approach to problem solving this past semester in a class about AI.


Recently I have become very interested in Eclipse's che project. I see their approach of separating workspace configuration and tooling from code using Docker containers as incredibly powerful and useful. I really wanted to help out with this effort in some way so I have submitted a couple PRs that contribute to che's collection of recipes (recipes are used to define workspaces in che) and have also included this project here to spread the word!


A python utility I made over christmas break to allow me to interactively copy files from one system to another by selecting extensions I was interested in keeping (Eg: keep .img and .docx files, but leave behind .metadata or .exe files)

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